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I have added a scan from the December issue.

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I have added screencaps from Not Another Happy Ending.

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Karen Gillan says Marvel films are “art made by real artists” and their popular appeal shouldn’t cancel that out.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy star spoke to Sky News on the E! People’s Choice Awards red carpet in Los Angeles, where she also presented one of the 43 gongs of the night.

The ceremony features stars of film, TV, music and pop culture, all voted for by members of the public.

Gillan says that makes the ceremony all the more relevant in her eyes: “This kind of event is exciting, because it’s what the public are responding to.

“For me, I want to be in films for the fans of films. When I’m starring in a Marvel film, I want to please the fans. To see that they’re enjoying it is really rewarding.”

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Karen Gillan has revealed that she was not the first choice for her role as Marvel supervillain Nebula.

But the 31-year-old got her big break by using her head.

Jessica Biel and Smallville star Kristin Kreuk were among those rumoured to be auditioning for Guardians of the Galaxy – but they weren’t prepared to shave their head for the part.

The actress – who played Doctor Who companion Amy Pond – said her audition tape had been rejected by the studio until director James Gunn saw it by accident. She said: “I believe he never saw my audition tape for Nebula because no one bothered to show it to him.

“And then he was scrolling through all the audition tapes and said, ‘Oh, it’s the girl from Doctor Who – I’ll watch that.’ And then he really liked it.

“So I was really lucky that he just decided to look through all of the rejected auditions. They didn’t show him the tape so it wasn’t one of the top picks.”

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